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"My role is to help your business to achieve its greatest potential"

Business Consultant
Process. Training. Content. Strategy 

Engaging with Gone Consulting will allow you to:

  • Assess your organisation's operating procedures and ensure that these are being applied consistently across the business

  • Review performance to ensure that your organisation is running efficiently

  • Focus your energy on progression and expansion in the knowledge you have the strategic support to drive growth

Gone Consulting provides business and operational management services to small and medium-sized organisations in need of the benefit and experience that

a business manager can bring; without the price tag of a full-time employee.  

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"If you want something to be done, ask Jo to drive it... she will make it happen”.

- Jose Maria Rodriguez.  
Business Development Manager Europe and Latin America, Ericsson



Justin Head.  Founder and CEO, PowerX Technology

Jo will always deliver complex tasks on time and with a smile on her face.  She never seems fazed and always speaks up if she feels things are not going in the right direction.  Jo will always focus on detail and deliverables and communicate out to contributors exactly what needs to be completed, providing any support necessary to make sure the project is a success.  She encourages healthy debate and contribution during workshops, whilst keeping the sessions on track and to time. 

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