Process and Policy

Are your policies and procedures documented and up to date? Do you have an Operations Manual, ensuring consistency across your business and has it been updated as your business has grown or evolved? Gone Consulting will work with you to ensure that your business processes are reviewed and documented, questioning the theory and logic behind why and how things are done, to ensure your business is working as efficiently as it can be. 



As a successful small or medium sized business, finding the time to carry out thorough research can be a huge challenge. Whether it be sourcing a new supplier, funding for a business venture or compiling a new client brief for your team, Gone Consulting will focus on this, so you can concentrate your efforts on running your business.


Business Efficiency

Are you using the right suppliers, and are their prices competitive? Are you using your team members to the best of their abilities? Is your business evolving in such a way that you would like an independent perspective on how it could be better structured? Gone Consulting provides analysis across each of these areas, to help assist you in reducing your overheads and increasing your turnover, maximising your business potential and bottom line.  


Project Management

From websites to business tenders, Gone Consulting will provide you with an experienced professional to supplement your existing team, or take the lead for a particular project or programme on your behalf.  Gone Consulting can join you in whatever capacity is required; from initial concept to end of project, or anywhere in between.



Whether for a start-up or an established business, there are so many funding options out there but it’s tough to know where to look and the time searching often eats into ‘productive’ time. Allow Gone Consulting to carry out this activity on your behalf, providing you with the available options.



Whether you are looking to hold a workshop, training session or client presentation, Gone Consulting will help you pull the content together and assist with the delivery of the material on the day.



Too often we see or hear messaging which has been so poorly communicated that the message received is far removed from the message that was intended. Gone Consulting will provide guidance around how best to structure and tailor your messaging for your particular target audience, whether it be newsletter content, business announcements or managing communications during a business merger.